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Policy for QUALITY

To supply products and services which accomplish the established requirements, guarantying in this way the satisfaction of the client and all interested, achieving cost reductions and improvements of productivity by using adequate tools and processes.
To improve continuously our System of Management of Quality, promoting the development of competences by continuous training and the communication between all collaborators.


To make Jado Iberia one of the best places to work in Ideal Standard International group, by creating together a safe and healthy workplace:

  • Creating individual ownership and responsibility
  • Integrating safety and health into all business activities and processes, complying with legal and Ideal Standard International group requirements
  • Promoting continually improvement, by creating processes focused on prevention of injuries and illnesses
  • Regarding safety as a business values, and equal to production, quality and cost control


To contribute to a better environment is a strong intention of our company:

  • Assuring the improvement of our behavior and the prevention of pollution
  • Fulfilling the environmental laws and regulations
  • Establishing objectives and aims for the environment and control their evolution
  • Using whenever it is possible technologies less polluting and recyclable materials
  • Looking for decreasing our most important questions regarding the noise, the production of waste and waste water
  • Dealing with environmental matters in an open and positive way
  • Publishing the results of our efforts